Chromodoro is a simple Pomodoro timer Chrome extension with Slack sync.


  • One click start (or use Alt+Shift+P)
  • Customizable break lengths
  • User defined number of Pomodoro sessions before long break
  • Slack sync
  • Customizable Slack status text during Pomodoro session
  • Set your status icon to a tomato on Slack during session
  • Set "Do Not Disturb" during session (configurable)
  • "Pomodoro ringer" sound effect when a session starts/finishes (configurable)

How to install:

1. Install Chrome extension
2. Add Slack auth
3. Nope, that's all

How to use:

  • Set what you want in the settings (Right-click on the Chromodoro icon)
  • Click on the Chromodoro icon, or use Alt+Shift+P
  • Be productive